Uithuizermeeden (In the Groninger dialect called ‘Meij’ or ‘Mij’) is a village in the municipality of Het Hogeland in the province of Groningen

Het hogeland


“There is nothing like Groningen” is a translated version of a well-known slogan in the Netherlands. Uithuizermeeden is located in the north, above the city of Groningen. The North Cape is the northernmost point of Groningen and of the mainland of the Netherlands. You have a beautiful view over the Wadden Sea from this historic landmark.

Groningen (province)

Arts and culture, a far-reaching landscape, hiking and cycling routes, seals, various regional markets, historic buildings. These are a small selection of what there is to experience in the surroundings of Uithuizermeeden.

More information

On the websites below you will find a lot of (tourist) information about the North of Groningen and the immediate surroundings of Uithuizermeeden.

B&B Slapen onder de sterren
Jan Weidema & Sandra Winkel
Torenstraat 54
9982 AZ Uithuizermeeden

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